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Now Delivering Propane!  Special Offer for Existing Assurance Power Systems Customers – Call for Pricing!.

*There will be a $75 Delivery Fee if less than 100 gallons (delivery fee will be waived if a Safety Check and corresponding fee is needed).  A $125 Safety Check charge will be added for any non-existing APS Customers in order to comply with state safety regulations.  A $9.99 Hazmat fee will be added. A 10% Public Service Tax will be charged pursuant to state regulations.  Offer applies to customer owned tanks only.

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 APS Bobtail Truck


Assurance Gas Propane Filling Station conveniently located in East Delray Beach! 


The Assurance Gas Advantage:

  • Free Safety Checks!
  • Complete 20 lb. Propane Tank Fills! (unlike cylinder exchange programs)
  • Buy 10 fills, get 1 FREE!
  • Talk to Propane and Natural Gas Experts!
  • Learn about optimizing your home or business with clean and energy efficient gas appliances!


Need a new 20 lb. Propane Cylinder? Come on in a buy a new certified cylinder.

Gas Services

Installation, Repair & Maintenance

propane tankAssurance Gas provides a complete suite of gas services. We offer gas repair, maintenance and installation services.  We have been performing gas installation and repair services in South Florida for over 10 years.  We are an energy partner with Florida Public Utilities and perform all of their natural gas and propane tank installations.  Whether you need custom fire bowls and tiki torches, or simply a gas hookup for a BBQ grill, Assurance Gas has you covered.  Call us today 561-886-0470 for immediate service.

We also offer Propane and Natural Gas Service Contracts to ensure your gas system is operating efficiently and safely.  Our gas services contracts can prevent fuel loss and potentially life threatening gas leaks.  Call us today at 561-886-0470 for a free initial assessment.gas services rinnai comparison chart

Propane and Natural Gas are safe, clean and efficient fuels for heating, water heating, cooking, and accent lighting.  We can provide complete conversions to transition all of your aging and inefficient electric appliances for new clean and efficient gas appliances.  We can also provide complete gas conversions from Propane to Natural Gas system.

Installation Services:
  • Propane Tank Installation
  • Gas Piping Installation
  • Gas Appliance Hookups
  • Gas Tankless Water Heater Sales &   Installation
  • Gas Pool Heater Sales & Installation
  • Gas Fire Bowls & Fire Pit Installation
  • Gas Tiki Torches Sales & Installation
  • Gas Generator Sales, Service & Installation
Gas Repair & Maintenance Services:
  • Gas Leak Check
  • Gas Line Locating
  • Gas Tank Evaluation
  • Gas Regulator Inspection & Testing
  • Cathodic Protection Testing & Repair
  • Gas Pressure Check
  • Gas Tank Repair & Replacement
  • Gas Tank Bar Probe Leak Check
  • Gas Tankless Water Heater Repair & Installation